MANIA: A Social Distraction

An exhibit proposal for the Fermenting Cellar, located in the Distillery District in Toronto Ontario. This exhibit was created in response to a study conducted at M.M. Robinson High School. Results revealed the majority of participants spend too much time using social media, being too dependent on their portable devices. MANIA aims to challenge users to think about their … Continue reading MANIA: A Social Distraction

Notations Magazine

The Notations magazine is published by the Canadian Music Centre in Toronto Ontario. It is a summary and update as to what takes place at the Centre. For this particular edition, I managed the art direction and photography, including typesetting each article. One in Six xylophone illustration by me. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE DIGITAL VERSION  

Your Daily Dose coffee book

Your Daily Dose is a short read for the coffee connoisseur. Created to show where coffee comes from, and how it ends up in your favourite mug. Apart from digital printing the pages, all research, copy, design and book assembly was done by myself.    


2 short “Bumper” commercials to promote the company. Created with the automotive enthusiast in mind. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO


Posters created in memory of the late Formula 1 race car driver Ayrton Senna from Brazil. Made with Adobe Illustrator.

North by Northeast

Branding & Identity concept for the annual North by Northeast (NXNE) festival held in Toronto Ontario. Hosting music, films and conferences, the branding needed to cover all three areas of the event. The solution was to colour code each category into orange, blue and yellow, allowing for easier navigation to the desired event. Also created was … Continue reading North by Northeast